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Nebraska premiere
China - 16 minutes

Director: Tian Xie
Writer: Tian Xie & Chu Suming
Producer: Tian Xie & Fu Cheng
Cast: Feng Linhua

Deep in Yunnan, China, simple peasant parents have raised a smart boy. But life for the family has become impossible financially, so the parents take jobs in a distant city. Promising to return on the new year, they leave their only son to live on his own. Months pass as he dreams of their return. Loneliness sets in and the boy stumbles upon a lost piglet. The two immediately become inseparable as he raises the pig as a member of his family. As the new year gets closer, the boy is forced to make a difficult choice: sell the pig to the local butcher and make a special dinner for his parents return, or keep his best and only friend.When the big day arrives, he realizes he might have made the wrong decision.
Wednesday, March 8

6:00pm CST