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Laurie Richards

Laurie Richards has represented the State of Nebraska for 22 years as the State Film Officer within the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.  She has worked with numerous feature film projects including Alexander Payne’s features from Nebraska, as well as Cameron Crow (Elizabeth Town), Will Scheffer and Mark Olsen (Easter and Big Love), Payton Reed (Yes Man), Chris Eyre (Skins), Mark Hoeger and Andy Anderson (Full Ride), Sean Penn (Assassination of Richard Nixon), David Higgins (The Aviation Cocktail), Matt Sobel (Take Me To The River), Andrea Arnold (American Honey) and many others.

Laurie’s extensive knowledge of Nebraska history and locations has been a valuable tool in the pursuit of the right location for many feature, documentary, short and long format projects.  Nebraska has a rich history of professional film industry personalities that go beyond the state’s boarders and have been an integral part of the growth of the “film industry” for over 100 years.

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Saturday, March 11

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